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25 Quarters (Q1 2012-Q1 2017) Worth of Viewing Data. Analyzed. The State of Traditional TV Viewing

The definitive analysis of traditional TV viewing!

This 54-slide report chronicles recent US traditional TV viewing trends, analyzing changes in behavior among the total US population as well as the TV viewing audience.  

The study uses high-quality data to present viewing figures and trends sorted by various age groups and race/ethnicities, providing a full view of the traditional TV viewing landscape.  

The report also examines the influence of on-demand viewing and the position that legacy TV holds in the broader video content market, particularly in comparison to SVOD offerings.

Sections (each with takeaways):

1. Traditional TV Viewing Time & Trends, Total Pop  

2. Traditional TV Viewing Time & Trends, Among Users  

3. Time-Shifting’s Influence on Traditional TV Viewing  

4. Share of Video Viewing Time, by Screen & Demo Group  

5. Content Wars: Pay-TV & SVOD  

6. Further Reading  

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The 52-slide report contains 34 charts and tables, and is delivered as both a PDF and PPT file.  

You will also receive two Excel spreadsheets detailing exact viewing figures by age group and race/ethnicity for the past 25 quarters, among the total population and among TV viewers. 

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